When it comes to making winnings in football betting, you must first understand football betting odds. The odds can be expressed either in form of fractions or decimals, where the former can be used to calculate your profits, while the later helps you determine not only your profits, but also your stake in the game.

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Secondly, any all beginners should gain vital football betting strategies and tips that will help to increase their chances of making winning bets. Our online football betting guide will help you to exercise proper budgeting, be patient, go for better odds and lines, sharpen your predictive skills, and track your bet results. On the other hand, a seasoned player will learn more strategies that will enable him play like a pro, such as betting on value, using football handicapping techniques, and point spreads.

Football is unquestionably the most popular game the world over. You should therefore not be surprised by the high popularity of betting online on football as compared to betting on other sports. However, making a bet online on football requires informed decisions to avoid losing your hard-earned money and with our top football betting tips you will be ahead of the game, so…

Do not worry.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bettor in the football betting world, you’ll find amazing tips here to ensure you make consistent profits.

After reading this guide, you will understand football betting odds better than you ever have. Regardless whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned bettor, our simple-to-digest football betting tips will make you feel confident and allow you to make skilled bets. Online football betting has never been easier.

football betting tips betting odds explained
Get ahead of the game with these Football betting tips.

Football Betting Guides:

Football Betting Odds Explained

Understanding football betting odds is a vital step towards making winnings in betting online. Football betting odds can be expressed in terms of either fractions (e.g. 9/1, 6/5) or decimals (e.g. 3.25, 2.00). Learn the basics in our guide betting odds explained.

  1. Decimal football odds

Suppose Liverpool is clashing with Arsenal in the Premier League and you want to make a profit from the match. So, let us say you have made a bet of $ 10 on Liverpool to win against Arsenal at odds of 3.50.

Profit= (Stake x Decimal Odds) – Stake

= ($10 x 3.50) – $10

= $25

Thus, in our example, you would have a winning of $25 if Liverpool carries the day.

  1. Fraction Football odds

In the same match of Liverpool against Arsenal in the Premier League, we can use fraction odds to determine the amount of money we can pocket on top of our stake.

Suppose you have placed a $ 10 bet on Liverpool to win against Arsenal at odds of 5/2. Let us calculate the profit you will make incase Liverpool wins.

Profit= Stake x Fraction Odds

=$10 x 5/2


Betting Strategy for Beginners

Keeping things simple is the best thing for any newcomer in the world of football betting. Our tips that are clearly laid out will ensure you do not give up a few days after kicking off betting. We have strived to bring you great football betting tips that will see you becoming a seasoned bettor within no time.

top football betting tips learn basics odds
Learn the basics of Football betting.
  1. Budget.

Have a weekly or monthly budget. You need to determine the amount of money you are prepared to invest in placing a bet online. In football betting, do not give in to chasing you your losses and limit your stake per individual wager.

  1. Be patient.

It is natural to be eager of having wins right from the moment you hit the road. However, you need to have a long-term plan that will ensure you remain focused on your ultimate goals.

  1. Go for better odds and lines.

It will ensure you get higher payouts and a chance to winning the wagers. When you bet online on football using reputable betting sites, you will surely get competitive football betting odds.

  1. Closely follow the sport.

Keep reading reports and previews to become a pro. Ask others for their views and watch as many games as possible. Additionally, be sure to keep track of roster changes and injuries.

  1. Sharpen your predictive skills.

Learning is a continuous process for any bettor. Learn how to predict trends and patterns in match outcomes. Create a habit of predicting the football games outcomes based on prevailing factors such as team statistics and players performances.

  1. Track your bet results

As your online football betting results trickle in, determine the money you are losing or winning. It will help you identify your weakness and strength.

Pro Betting Tips

As you become a pro in using football betting odds to make a killing, the following tips will ensure you remain on top of your game.

  1. Betting on value

Making a bet online for value on football is one such great tip. Value is that theoretical measure of the likely success of a wager in the long run. It can be positive or negative.

  1. Football handicapping techniques

If you are a pro, football handicapping betting tips are also helpful for you. At its basic level, handicapping is making an analysis of relevant information and make a bet online. The football betting should rely on the analysis.

  1. Point spreads

As a pro, football betting tips for point spreads are also essential for you. Point spreads basically means that there is roughly equal chance of winning on either team, no matter how strong each team is. For you to win, you should bet on the best value, carefully choose matches, and identify the factors that affect outcomes. Other pro football betting tips include betting on football totals and live footballs.