Live Dealer Casino Guides:

Live casino is a simple hybrid of online casino that involves a live dealer. The games have gained popularity among bettors who desire the thrill of real-life gaming experience within the convenience of online platforms. While the behind-the-scene random number generators in most online games fail to give players a sense of being personally attended to while playing, live casino takes care of this since the live croupiers interact with players in a professional way by answering questions via live video, audio and chat functions. Players who are used to the brick-and-mortar casinos can now bet confidently without having to worry about the unseen randomness of the gaming software.

Online betting brings gambling excitements to a new level, since people no longer have to spend time travelling and waiting in queues for their favourite games. Additionally, players can now more efficiently concentrate on making money without having to worry about the distractions of the buzzing noises of slot machines.

Furthermore, with online betting games, you are just a few clicks of your device’ mouse or buttons away from a wide range of games and professional guidance. Years of experience and professional expertise have gone into our online betting guides to give you betting tips that will ensure your online gambling experience is on top of the game.

Online casinos have taken over, attracting an ever-increasing number of players, thanks to the advanced internet technology. Gone are the days when players had to travel and wait in long queues for their favourite games. You can now play from the comfort of your home and use the time you would have wasted in the long queues to perfect your strategies. Playing live dealer casino games on-the-go has also been made possible since technology now allows you to access your games on your mobile phone.

However, despite the reliability of online casino games, several players feel that the gaming software lack that connection that is found in traditional brick-and-mortar casino games. That is where live casino games steps in to bridge the gap between the two.

After reading our guide, you will clearly understand the meaning of live online casino games, how they differ from the normal ones, and why you should play on these live casinos.

What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Playing live casino games is an experience that has gained popularity among players who desire the thrill of real-life games within the convenience of online platforms. Due to the behind-the-scene random number generators and graphical algorithms in most computer-generated online games, some players feel that they do not get a real-life, interactive connection. Unlike normal online casinos, live casino games incorporate a live croupier, thereby rewarding the players with a sense of being personally attended to while playing. Most live casino hosts encourage their live dealers to interact with players in a friendly way to boost the players’ confidence of playing in these hybrid forms of online games.

live dealer casino games dealing cards at table
Live dealer casino game give you the casion experience within your own home.

Video and audio communication systems are used to run the actual gaming processes, enabling you to hear and see the dealers as you play the live casino.

Additionally, most online casino live games allow you to interact with the dealer via a chat room. As you play the games, you can ask the dealer questions in real time since the video feeds are live rather than pre-recorded.

Difference Between Live Casino and Normal Casino Games

Most new players in the world of casino tend to either get confuse between online casino and live casino games, or just think there is no any difference between the two. However, the two exhibit a couple of differences.

In a normal online casino, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to determine the results of each card draw, dice throw, and wheel spin, and the entire process is random in nature. Since there is no personal interaction between the player and a live dealer for purpose of seeking clarification as the game progresses, each round is executed quickly without delays in between.

On the other hand, when it comes to playing live casino, the online game software is replaced by a live croupier, who is responsible for all processes, such as dealing cards, taking bets, starting and ending the games. Since the dealers will frequently engage with the players whenever there is need for personalized clarifications, each round usually progresses at a lower speed than in normal online casino.

Why Play Live Casino Games

Playing on live casinos offers you a robust real-life experience that does not exist in most normal online casinos. With these live games, you are able to experience all the good things you’d expect from playing at a brick and mortar casino, without all the drawbacks, such as long queues, unnecessary distractions, and most importantly, having to physically get there.

Some players find it hard to trust the behind-the-scene RNGs in normal online casinos, maybe because they grew up on brick and mortar casinos where they could interact freely with real-life dealers. They may feel that the online gaming software in online casinos may be rigged. Live casino games, on the other hand, allow you to freely talk with not only the other players, but also the completely real croupier while playing. Using the real-life video, and the in-game chat functions, you can interact with the croupier as if s/he is sitting on the other side of the table. Croupiers always undergo professional training to run online casino live games and deal with all questions in a friendly manner.

Additionally, while playing immersive versions of live casino games, most hosts give you 100% control over your gaming experience by allowing you to alter camera angles at will, enabling you to get a perfect view.

With live casino games, players can now enjoy playing their favourite games in real time with real croupiers, either from the comfort of their home or on-the-go. Players who want to have that personal feel can now witness the entire gaming process by interacting with the live croupiers and other players via live chats, audio and video systems. By combining the convenience of online casinos with the interactive live games experience, players can now concentrate on winning money without having to worry about the randomness of the gaming software.

Top Rated Live Casinos for 2019

Sooner or later we all want to play live, but do we necessarily need to leave the comfort of our homes? Not if you ask the top-rated live casinos in 2019. Big gamers ourselves, we have decided to explore the noteworthy choices and play the casino classics in a real setting without having to worry about travelling to an actual physical venue.

The live casinos we cover all come with intuitive software and a brilliant live studio setting. Smartly dressed host and hostesses guide your game with the utmost professionalism and you are soon immersed in the glamorous interior of the live casino.

Things to Look for in Live Rooms

  • Licensing and vetted RTPs
  • SSL encryption for 100% safe gaming
  • Specific offers targeting live casino players
  • A great range of the gaming selection
  • Good choice of beautiful live dealers
  • Reliable, top-notch software for glitch-free streaming

Pick the Best Live Casinos Only!

There is plenty of operators to pick from and most of those will be decent. However, our service focuses on only recommending you the most exceptional choices there. How we achieve the level of insight that we need to issue a trustworthy recommendation, though?

It’s simple. We meticulously go through individual live casinos and check what they have to offer. From perusing the available bonuses and their accompanying conditions to appraising the variety of available games.

Our experts will unpick everything there is about banking and scour the public domain for any potential leads about the casino’s way of communicating with customers and solving issues, for example. We play at the sites ourselves to ensure that everything is up to the required standard.

We spend as much time as it takes in exploring the software of the live casino, going through every last detail of the instant play and downloadable client, if available. Our devoted professionals will play from an array of devices to ensure that there are no misses with what the facility has to offer.