Bet365 has been taking the world of betting by strides. With a well-developed bonus system and markets as diverse as electronic sports, the bookie has managed to carve a special place for itself under the sun. Looking for favourite eSports options has never been simple, even if the user interface provides you with an overload of useful statistics and information. Thankfully, Bet365 knows how to make the experience simple and enjoyable for its customers and a variety of filters allows you to fine-tune the interface as you see fit.

  • Esports take a central piece in the bookie’s offer
  • Bet365 has been expanding through all noteworthy markets
  • Diverse and innovative approach to the mobile segment

Available in over 20 languages, Bet365 is a connoisseur of local tastes. The bookie has been operating on multiple markets and handling local legislation without faltering. Instead of shunning the most challenging markets out there, your operator has made sure that its name is recognisable and synonymous of integrity. The addition of eSports has certainly added a distinct flavour to the overall offer that you will find as you sift through the pages. Diverse as the selection is, you can still focus on your preferred segment with a single click or the mouse or tap on your smartphone or tablet!

Hundreds of open eSports positions to bet on Could benefit from eSports-specific offers
Convenient and reliable mobile experience It wouldn’t hurt to filter the information better
Available in over 20 languages to boost local markets
Highly competitive odds outpacing rivals
Continuously audited by third-parties for integrity

Game Selection – Checking Out the Games

It’s hard to fault Bet365 for bringing so many titles right to your fingertips. The popular sword-and-sorcery fantasies are all there. You wouldn’t be able to miss on anything of importance. As we step into the month of one of the most significant competitions out there, you will absolutely want to see open wagers for the titles that matter most.

Hardly a soul would wonder why the MOBA titles are at the very top of the selection. Put plainly, they command the largest crowds worldwide and the majority of eSports fans identifies themselves with one of these games. Of course, Dota 2 and League of Legends are not the only titles up for grabs there.

Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA with its own distinct signature as Hero Brawler, can also be occasionally spotted, albeit it’s not as common as the rest of the games. We couldn’t see another important title – Overwatch, which will definitely only grow more popular in the second season of the Blizzard-backed league, which is now expanding internationally, with dedicated facilities across multiple cities. Something that merits a closer look is the type of bets you can make as per the available wagers on Bet365. Most commonly, you may pick from the following:

  • To Win Outright
  • To Reach the Final
  • Region of Winner
  • Tournament Matchups

Bet365, however, is also one of the most distinct operators out there that offers the barmiest bets to begin with. While other operators aspire to being unique in their offers, Bet365 actually does it. Let’s have another brief look at what wagers you can place to add some excitement to your wagering:

  • Map 1 Winner 2-Way
  • Match Handicap
  • Correct Map Score
  • First Team to Get 10 Kills

And others. This variety definitely strikes as impressive both on the face of it and when you look closer. While guessing correctly which team will score 10 kills or pinning down the exact map score could be challenging, the potential returns are great. Assuming you are already a successful eSports bettor, you may benefit from the added challenge of having diverse types of wagers to keep your fancy piqued.

If you are an old-timer, you can still get to wager on games such as Warcraft III. One of the distinct features of Bet365 is that it runs a well-developed betting marketplace for StarCraft 2, a title that is often overlooked in other bookmakers.

Software – How the Site Works

Bet365 is the pinnacle of technological accomplishment among bookies. No, the source code is probably not all that complicated, but what we are here to review today is how well the face of the website holds up. After spending hours clicking around, we couldn’t find a single misplaced or misaligned section or even a single piece of text. The website was responsive and took us from one page to the next without a hitch.

Not only that, but we then proceeded to explore the desktop version from our smartphones, arriving at the conclusion that both versions functioned equally well without any disparity in their overall performance. Completely mobile friendly, the website has been tailored to the needs of all eSports enthusiast out there.

This is definitely a feather in the cap of Bet365, as the majority of eSports fans would much rather be on the go and having the whole website be mobile responsive is an important breakthrough for the operator, but also a major stepping-stone for any future success.

The functionality of the software allows you to quickly switch between languages, adjust the odds to your preferred format (decimal, fractional, or American), hop over to the Help section or find all the useful information that you have been looking for through the Services page, which will allow you a prompt access to such useful goodies as:

  • Banking solutions
  • Responsible gambling
  • The mobile offer and more

The website has incorporated two more useful features in its offer – Live Streaming and In-Play. You will be thrilled to know that eSports are actually a thing with the Live Betting option on Bet365, which gives the bookie a significant advantage over the competition. We also want to note that much of this was unavailable before 2019 and the bookie has made a significant effort to spruce up their offer.

True, the In-Play options are only a few, but even mainstream sports hardly get more than a dozen at any given time. Tinkering around with the live streaming options, we couldn’t find any events running just yet. We will double-check at the time of a major tournament with multi-million prize pool, but it may be so that Bet365 has chosen not to implement any live streams dedicated to eSports.

This is no biggie though, as you will probably get your streaming dose from the likes of YouTube Gaming and the Amazon-owned Twitch.

High Rolling – A Thing With Esports?

If you are not quite familiar with the term, then a quick catching up is due. High rollers are those players who stake bets by the hundreds, and we don’t mean the number of active wagers, but rather the total amount. You will see them play around with hefty sums that wouldn’t make much sense to a regular punter.

Whether high rolling is trending with eSports fans is difficult to say. Some gamers do place heftier sums, and Bet365 is perfectly fine with allowing this continue unless the operator suspects that the said person may be a problem gambler and investigates further.

Meanwhile, even though the activity is not quite pronounced just yet, it makes perfect sense to expect eSports fans to stake bigger sums, as the majority of people who watch eSports have plenty of disposable income that they are willing to spend on activities that bring them joy. Aware of that fact, Bet365 benefits insofar as it offers punter a chance to stake as much as they want, up to a single-bet ceiling. Which tends to change.

Bonuses – Esports Estranged Fellow

Bonuses are a huge part of sportsbooks and online casinos. They dictate the rhythm of the place quite effortlessly. However, eSports and piling regulations may have this changed. Bet365, for example, has decided to forego most such treats that are a double-edge sword. On the one hand they do add to your bankroll, but they used to come with some onerous wagering requirements. This has changed, and Bet365 being the leaders they are, have created a much more elegant way of incentivising their customers.

Some offers are sport-specific while others have a more general approach. Be that as it may, though, all bonuses come with their Terms and Conditions, which we recommend that you should study, especially if it’s eSports. Still, so far, the only offer that we have been able to find and that could be applied to eSports is the New Customer bargain.

New Customers, Welcome!

Bet365 has introduced a flexible bonus system. Instead of making you play through some onerous wagers, all you have to do is stake as little as £5 up to £100 in a 100% matched bonus. The bonus amount you get is known as Bet Credits and it’s not subject to withdrawals. However, all your winnings you score as a result of the bonus amount is.

If there are any restrictions to this offer, they lie in the fact that you will have to complete the bonus requirements within 30 days at wager at odds of 1/5 (1.2) or greater. Additionally, you will have to refrain from depositing with Neteller, Skrill or Skrill 1-Tap if you want to be eligible for the bonus.

A Quick Flick Through the Terms and Conditions

Since you are an eSports bettor, chances are that you will have to deal with the terms and conditions of all bonuses less often. However, on the off chance a decent offer rears its head, it will make all the sense in the world to know a thing or two about the terms and conditions. If a promotion has turned sour, it’s mostly because customers have overlooked the fine script – as pesky as it may be.

The T&C will contain useful information about the nature of the promo you are signing up and what specific provisos you need to clear before you can reap the rewards of the goodie. We generally advise caution when you pick your own promos, albeit Bet365’s tend to be quite straightforward and ultimately simple to achieve.

Mobile Friendly and Esports on the Go

Reviewing Bet365’s eSports section is fun. The article focuses on giving you a full account of the features and functionality of the website without sparing you a single detail. We take a closer look at the running promotions, exclusive goodies, such as In-Play betting, and variety of markets and wacky and cool types of wagers! However, at what point is a review full? We certainly know that mobile compatibility is another important aspect of the whole operator, and Bet365 doesn’t disappoint on that front -here’s our honest take on the bookie’s offer.

Fully mobile compatible, the app rocks the trademark’s distinct dark green tones that are the benchmarks of bet365’s reliability. Apart from browsing the website freely from your phone or smartphone, you can also install an app that will help you scrap the futile typing in of URLs in your mobile browser and instead enjoy a few taps to catch up on the games or place a quick wager whilst caught in a game.

Customer Support – Time to Hobnob

If you want to solve any snag that may have cropped up out of the blue, all you have to do with Bet365 is make sure you pick up the phone and dial 0 800 1236 5365. Operators are available 24/7 and they don’t just man the phone lines. You can just as easily get hold of a customer agent via Live Chat, which we hold to be one of the best and quickest ways to settle any problem. And lastly, you can always contact them through email via

The Banking Facilities – Easy to Access

It’d never be difficult to find your way around the banking options on Bet365. You can access them from the Services or Help pages without having to read through painful lowercase and small-font texts. No, Bet365 employs a simple and graphically-rich picture, which provides information about how quick your wagers are processed what the minimum and maximum betting amounts are and of course what option you have selected for your efforts. All of the information is systematized on the website.