Gambling is enjoyed sensibly by up to tens of millions of people around the world – a number that is healthy and increasing year on year. However, as with most hobbies and forms of entertainment too much of anything can be bad and a very small handful of players may run into problems with too much gambling. When the hobby of gambling spirals out of control it can negatively affect the player’s life, relationships, and livelihood which is all the more reason why—like with other hobbies—it should be experienced in a controlled manner and in moderation.

If you, a friend, or a family member exhibit symptoms of gambling addiction it would be of benefit to contact a professional helpline.

If you recognize that you, a friend, or a member of your family exhibit certain symptoms of gambling addiction it would be beneficial to take steps towards diagnosing or recognizing signs of addiction out of one’s control and take steps to improve them.

Similarly to impulse-related behavioral disorders like Kleptomania, addiction to gambling describes one’s inability to stop gambling despite the acknowledgment of its negative impacts on the person or the ones around them.

There are many aspects and levels of gambling addiction which is why not all ‘addicts’ should be treated with the same approach and is most effectively done by professional helplines or organizations dedicated to the treatment of gambling addiction or “problem gambling”.

There are many different levels of gambling addiction, and finding the best treatment for the individual is key.

If you or another shows possible signs of problem gambling or suspect the symptoms of such, it is in the interest of the individual being harmed and those around them to consult with a professional immediately for free advice and help, regardless of where you are in the US.

Some of the best, most trusted and established organizations with a respected and revered track record of helping and treating addicted gamblers (especially in the US) are: