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Online poker is when you play traditional poker conveniently from the comfort of your home over the internet against a random player. The improvement of the internet elevated poker to primetime since you can safely deposit your money with sites. To have a good start in online poker games, we have clearly explained in our online poker betting guide all the important betting tips you need to be aware of.

First, you need to learn from relevant sources about the basics of the game.

You should also be keen on learn to manage your bankroll by playing within your ability and avoiding those rookie mistakes of attempting to scoop lump sums too quickly. Other important tips include being selective with your starting hand, avoiding bluffing too much, and paying more attention to the game at hand.

As you gain more experience in online poker games, you need to develop self-motivation, discipline, creativity and adaptability for you to reach the elite status.

Looking for an online poker site to play a few rounds of Texas Hold’em but don’t know how to find the best site? Well, you’ve come to the right place and are only a few clicks away from enjoying an amazing online poker experience on the top poker sites.

Here you’ll find a list of our most highly recommended poker sites that is available on the internet. Finding these was far from easy as we literally had to sieve through hundreds of online poker rooms, spending countless hours on each and every one to playtest all the games and put every aspect of the site under a microscope to make sure that it’s nothing short of the best.

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Most of the sites underperformed in one area or another but would’ve been good enough for most players – But not for you. We only recommend the best sites to our readers because we believe you should never settle for anything but the best, and the same is true with your choice of an online poker site.

All the sites you see here, not only did they outperform every other site that we tested, they also offered the best bonuses of them all. With these two facts alone, all these sites are without a shadow of a doubt the finest sites you can play on.

Go ahead and read the in-depth reviews of each poker site to see why they were rated so highly, or alternative, you can dive right in and start playing right away!

Our Poker Guides

Poker Strategy Guide

Online poker betting has taken the internet by storm. People from all walks of life are finding it thrilling to try their skills and luck on the game while having endless fun. However, you need more than just an internet connection to become a truly successful elite poker player on in the long run. That’s where this guide will become very handy for you. Included are some tested poker tips specially selected just for you and will prove to give you an edge over your opponents. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran online poker player, you will be able to bet online on poker with complete confidence just like a pro after reading our guide.

Online Poker Explained

Simply speaking, online poker is when you play conventional poker against a random person over the internet. Its rules are similar to traditional live poker game. Since it is an intellectual, easy-to-play game, poker players love to play online poker due the convenience factor of being able to play from the comfort of their own home.

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According to history, the early 2000s saw the internet and an accountant elevating the game of poker from the casinos and smoky bars to primetime. As technology improved, more secure sites that could safely hold bettors’ deposits were introduced. Before then, the online poker game was just recreational and done in chat rooms.

Many people are now embracing online poker because it’s more accessible from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, it is a lot faster than when online poker was first introduced. Back then, the face-paced game of poker was rather limited by internet speed, and hence players were not drawn to the slow online version of poker. But now that internet speed has advanced, online poker is even faster than live poker since there’s no need to wait for the physical dealing of cards or unnecessary chit-chat, which is one of the primary reason online poker has been so successful. Another reason why online poker is played by 15+ million players is because You do not need huge amounts of money to bet on online poker to get amazing winnings. All you need is practice and some essential tips which this guide will provide you.

All you need to play and bet on online poker is a browsing device that can access the internet. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop, you are good to go. With the advent of poker apps, you can now bet on online poker on the go, and many players are taking advantage of this incredible convenience.

Basic Poker Strategy

Since online poker is quicker and brings on board different people with diverse skills, a serious player need to exercise more control. Before casting your nets into the promising world of online poker, here are our basic poker tips that will keep you on track to being a pro:

  •     Learn

Like any other game of skill, invest some time to learn how to play online poker. Relevant TV shows, books, online articles and seasoned poker players are some of amazing sources of online poker insights.

  •     Manage your bankroll and play within your ability

Limit your first investment and manage your losses as you gain experience gradually in betting on online poker. Do not make the rookie mistake of trying to win too much too quickly.

  •     Be selective with your starting hands

Selection of a good starting hand is one of the most foundational poker tips that any professional poker player will tell you. Many amateurs erroneously think that any hand can win when they place a bet on online poker. However, this is not always the case, since some hands may make losses.

  •     Avoid bluffing too much

As a beginner, you would rather play your cards well instead of attempting to bluff other players out of hands. Although occasional bluffs are harmless when playing online poker, it takes knowledge and practice to develop the real art of realizing when to bluff.

  •     Be attentive to the game

Closely watch your opponents’ moves for you to pick up tells, whether you are in the hand or not. This is the mother of all poker tips when it comes to beating your opponents at their own game.

Pro Tips

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We know that you desire to play online poker like a professional, so here are our amazing pro poker tips that will ensure every bet you make on online poker is informed:

  •     Have self-motivation.

Even when you are taking a downswing, motivate yourself well enough to keep other things on hold.

  •     Discipline

When the table looks enticing, you may want to play at a higher online poker limit. However, engaging in undisciplined things like playing on tilt and chasing losses will empty your roll before you even realize what hit you.

  •     Creativity

Develop a habit of pulling out new tactics and mixing up your moves to confuse your opponents.  It is suicidal to play a predictive online poker game.

  •     Adaptability

Be flexible enough to adjust to new things: stakes, styles, players, schedules, sites, and games. As every game and every hand will be very different and unique, being able to adapt to any situation is key to becoming a professional poker player, and is among the top of any poker tips that a professional poker player will tell you.


The internet technology has made placing a bet on online poker to be easy, fun-filled, quick, and from anywhere and at any time. However, as you enjoy playing online poker game, you want to make money from it. Thus, our easy-to-grasp poker tips come in handy to ensure you do not make losses. As a beginner who is eager to make significant wins, engage in active continuous learning, avoid too many bluffs, be selective, be attentive to the game, and manage your bankroll well. As for the veteran players, creativity, adaptability, discipline and self-motivation are some of the greatest poker tips that will ensure consistent profits.