It takes all sorts to make the world and things aren’t much different at the best casino floors out there. If you have been in a casino, you must have noticed that there are all types of people. And if you haven’t had that experience yet – keep your eyes peeled for the archetypes of each casino. Some like to keep to themselves and they get stuck in front of the slot machines while others come directly to the felt, playing blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more.

You can almost say that there are different types of gamers out there and there certainly are. Some are relaxed and confident, others don’t really get their knickers in a twist over a loss, and third are just so awfully chatty.

In any event, today we take a look at what we consider to be the five archetypes of casino gamblers that are certainly to be found at any casino floor.

#1 I am a Joker, I am a Talker

Talkers always have a smile ready on their face.

You know the type. There is a kind of gamer who can talk incessantly when at the tables. Some of these people are just genuinely very sociable – or perhaps they haven’t socialized for a while so they need an outlet.

With others, talking is an avalanche that you cannot stop even if you wanted to. Some people are funny, others will quickly get on your nerves. In any event those are the talkers for you. Whether their jokes are any good, it would only be up to the specific person.

You can also call them social gamers, and the good thing about their ilk is that they seldom give into destructive habits such as problem gambling. Yes, they would have a drink, but over 130.6 million people in the United States drinking alcohol regularly, so who can blame them?

Back to the type, though – they are mostly responsible people who hold down day jobs, have meaningful connections with others and won’t gamble away their hard-earned money. All things considered, the jokers and talkers are the joie de vivre of any casino floor.

#2 The Escapist, Let’s Forget It All

Just minding their own business.

Everyone needs to just forget. When it comes to staying on top of your gaming experience, the best thing you can do is to treat your gaming as a sort of a therapeutic experience, especially the way this type of gamblers do. There are many ways to wind down from the daily toil or even a stressful week and just relax.

This is where the escapist types of gamblers come in. They are moderate in their proclivities and don’t usually end up spending a whole lot – just enough to feel happy with their investment, plain and simple.

Casinos don’t mind escapists not one iota, because they tend to be sort of idealistic and seldom try to win much, although big wins do bring them pleasure. It’s possible for an escapist, however, to transition into a problem gambler. This particularly happens if gambling is perceived as an activity that brings immediate satisfaction.

#3 The Problem Gambler

As the pile of chips disappears, a compulsive gambler starts betting even more.

We have all heard about them, even though they still constitute a rather small part of the population. In the United States, 2.6% of the population is considered to be problem gamblers, which is not too much, but it should definitely serve as a wake up call.

Besides, casinos are no longer the only form of entertainment out there, so lawmakers would need to make sure that they are not pushing people into new forms of addiction. Casinos are not all there is, and with sports betting taking the United States by a storm, you cannot be too surprised about the number of problem gamblers going up a little.

Yet, problem gamblers walk among us and we need to take care of them. The giveaway signs of this type of person are very easy to spot. For starters, they could be already diagnosed with some form of mental distress – whether it’s anxiety or depression.

The type also tends to neglect social responsibilities, neglect how a person looks and go into debt to be able to afford and play more. Specifically, people who suffer from an addiction could go bankrupt in a single night. Some casinos try to assist such gamers by writing debt off and excluding them from all of the brands an operator owns, but not everyone acts so kindly towards them.

#4. I am Here to Win, The Conservative Gambler

A conservative gambler will always strive to win.

There is yet another famous archetype of gambler, and that’s the conservative player. They are an interesting breed all things considered. On the one hand, they approach the activity lightly, so just like an escapist, they won’t be too bothered by losses and probably won’t consider any bad hand too much of a thing.

Yet, this type is actively trying to win. They are going to avoid many of the high stake games, as they are well aware that this move could easily brake their bankroll in no time at all. Instead, they would try and experiment with different stratagems, playing roulette and blackjack for the most part.

Almost half of the tourists who hit Las Vegas can be defined as this type, although, you would be surprised how many people easily cave in to peer pressure and start playing with a little more zest, oblivious of potential winnings in the long and short term. It’s fun to be around the conservative gambler type, and it’s even most amusing to try and make them forget all their inhibitions!

#5 Professional Gamblers

Professional gamblers have nerves of steel and indeed – a poker face.

Professional gamblers are Las Vegas and Atlantic City’s bad boys. They criss-cross the world in pursuit of new experiences and bigger profits. From the infamous MIT team which deprived casinos worldwide of millions of dollars to Don Johnson who single-highhandedly bested the casinos overnight and won $15 million playing blackjack, the world is full of surprises – for casinos.

Incidents like these are just one of the reasons casinos incessantly repeat that they are there so that you can have fun – so long as that fun doesn’t mean you win millions, which is implied rather than said out loud. Well, professional gamblers do exist and you won’t be surprised to find out that their numbers are the highest in places like Las Vegas!


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